Will I take a written test as well as a practical one?
Yes. There are 3 elements to certification. Pre-operational check. Theory test. and practical test.

I have experience driving the forklift but no licence. How long will my course take?
An existing operator course is usually 2 or 3 days depending upon the number of people on the course.

Does a licence for a counterbalance truck allow me to drive a reach truck?
No. You need training on the reach truck as the steering is different to a counterbalance.

I drive a 3 wheel truck and I have been told 4 wheel trucks are more stable. Is this true?
No. 3 wheel trucks are just as stable as 4 wheelers. As long as you obey the rules taught in stability they are perfectly stable.

Do seatbelts have to be worn on forklift trucks?
Yes, when seat belts are supplied as part of the safety equipment then they should be worn. Using the seat belt may reduce the risk of injury.

I only use a forklift once a day do I need to be trained?
Yes, you need to be fully trained on the type of truck you are using by a registered instructor.